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Mladen Čudanov

My father's name was Mladen Čudanov (his family name spelled Schudanov in
German). He was born in Kikinda, Vojvodina, Serbia on 19.12.1911. At the
beginning of WWII he was mobilized as a reservist and was captured in Velika
Plana on 04.11.1941. He had been deported to Germany in the prison camp
Stalag Moozburg VII A and registered under number 85310. In the spring
1942 he escaped with a few companions, but due to the lack of food
they surrendered somewhere near the border with Slovenia. As punishment he
was assigned to a "Strafkommando" (punishment commnado) in an aluminum
smelter, but unfortunately it was not preserved where the factory was
located. There are all the prisoners had very bad treatment.

Fortunately for my father, as an artisan-locksmith he was soon moved to
Munich to the NSDAP repair shop (sent a memorandum) where he was kept short.
After this, he was assigned as extra manpower for Isidor Priller in
Englsberg. My father remembered Mr. Priller as very good and decent man. He
was anti-fascist and in my father's words he never responded to the fascist
salute. On Mr. Priller's property, my father welcomed the liberation
on 19.08.1945. After the liberation, Mr. Priller offered him to stay and
inherit his estate, but father had his family in Yugoslavia and wanted
to go back. Upon his return to Yugoslavia, father as a pre-war capitalist
had many problems. For these reasons he did not have the courage to contact
Mr Priller until 1972. Unfortunately, they only exchanged a few
friendly letters and photos. Mr. Priller died soon afterwards, without
successor to continue the friendship. I take this opportunity to express my
great respect and reverence to Mr Isidor Priller.

I am very pleased with the established Web-site of the camp, and if any of
the direct participants or their offspring recognize the photos and
addresses that I send, I'd like to make contact.

Jovan Čudanov

* Source:

  • E-mails by Jovan Čudanov, Belgrade, Serbia, to Moosburg Online, January 2011

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