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Stalag VII A: Oral history

Don Griffin April 1945

"As a short term resident of Stalag VII A we arrived after marching from Nuremberg. The camp was so full they set up several large tents and we slept on the ground. At one time it rained and my spot was a puddle. Fortunately, the part of Patton's third army were rapidly approaching and the guards fled. A few of us found a small six man tent and set it up to get out of our soaked "sack" location. I remember a U.S. Army Captain ordering us back to the large tent. I refused and he said he would have me court-martialed. I said OK if it would get me back to the States faster. He walked away.

Otherwise, only faded memories are left: such as members of the U.S. Army running up the U.S. flag upside down on the flagpole in the nearby small comunity; the little GI with the 30 cal. carbine pointed at the former German guard who had dressed as a POW but was recognized by one of our guys; being de-loused at the camp before getting on trucks to take us to a nearby airfield and flown in C-47s to camp Lucky Strike in France."

Top Source:

  • E-mails by Don Griffin, USA, to Moosburg Online, September 2001

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