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Janez Janez Čerin

My name is Janez Čerin, I'm from Slovenia. I am researching my father's history during WW2.

In the National Archives of the Republic of Slovenia in Ljubljana I found records, stating that he was in the Moosburg POW camp from 8 September 1943 to 28 June 1945. According to the records he was liberated by US troops.

As far as I know he worked on a farm probably in the vicinity of Moosburg. The problem is that he died in 1972 when I was 11 years old. I was too young to discusss his life in the POW camp.

The only material evidence about that time are two photos which are attached.

I would like to make contact with the family my father had worked for. My mother told me that he was in love with to the land owner's daughter and she with him. Her name was Marie or Maria.

I will be very thankful for any piece of information about my father and about the family where he worked.

The data of my father:

Janez Janez ČERIN

date of birth: 11. April 1921
place of birth: Dol pri Borovnici (BOROVNICA)
country. Yugoslavia/Slovenia
Address: Dol 35
POW in Germay-Moosburg. 8.9.1843-28.6.1945

With best regards from Slovenia

Janez Čerin
Dol 56
1353 Borovnica, Slovenia

Janez Janez Čerin (left)
Janez Janez Čerin (left)
Group photo
Group photo

* Source:

  • E-mails by Janez Čerin, Slovenia, to Moosburg Online, August 2012

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