Moosburg Online: Plan
Moosburg Town Plan

Surroundings Surroundings Surroundings Surroundings Surroundings Stadtplan (ca. 27 kB)
 A  Mühlbach
 B  Schleiferbach
 1  St Castulus' Minster
 2  St John's Church
 3  Catholic rectory
 4  Public library (picture)
 5  Local museum
 6  Former old people's home St Elizabeth
    (Team room of Moosburg Online)
 7  Police station
 8  Fire brigade
 9  Youth centre
10  Catholic parish centre
11  Zehentstadel
12  Town hall (picture)
13  Courthouse (picture)
14  Town wall
15  Irish Pub (live music)
16  Pub Zum Hirschen (live music)
17  Rosenhof cinema
18  Kolping house (picture)
19  Old people's home
20  Old people's home
21  Former Hospital
22  St Michael's Church and cemetery
23  Water-tower
24  Labour office
25  Asch Castle
26  Tennis hall
27  Ice-rink (picture)
28  Sports grounds
29  Railway station
30  Post office
31  Kindergarten St Castulus
32  Volkshochschule
33  TÜV
34  Multi-purpose building (picture)
35  Red Cross
36  Exhibition hall
37  Süd-Chemie chemical plant
40  North primary school (picture)
    Secondary school
    Grammar school (picture)
    Lutheran parish centre and rectory
    St Pius' Church
    Stalag fountain
    Integrated kindergarten
    Kindergarten St Pius
    Municipal kindergarten
    Homes for disabled people
    Recycling facilities
    Isareck Castle
50  Open-air bath (picture)
    Lutheran kindergarten
    Airfield (picture)
60  Municipal building (picture)
    Indoor bath (picture)
    South primary school (picture)
    Secondary school (picture)
    Agricultural school
    Agricultural office
    Stalag memorial

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