Historical Moosburg
Album of postcards and views

Postcards and pictures of special sites and events of Moosburg (1897-)

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pkmof59-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof59e.html ca. 90 kb    
Centerary of Moosburg's war veterans' club
pkmof43-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof43e.html ca. 68 kb   pkmof44-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof44e.html ca. 75 kb
Coopers' dance
  Coopers' dance
    pkmof42-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof42e.html ca. 65 kb
    Signatures on the previous card
pkmof31-1k.jpg/Link=pkmof31e.html ca. 77kb    
St Castulus' relics transferred to Landshut in 1604
(Scheibenzuber 1927)

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