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The Planned West Bypass

West bypass (c. 49 kbytes)Already in 1979, the Moosburg town council decided to build a west bypass to spare the old town the through traffic from the Hallertau region. The project has not been carried out since.

There were three alternatives of this bypass. From the junction at the state road 2085 they run between the town area and the river Amper to the federal road B 11.

In July 1999, the town council chose route no. 1 - but the junction with the B 11 will be situated at the existing crossroads with Münchener Straße (roundabout at no.3).

In November 2000, a set of traffic lights instead of a roundabout at B 11 was more probable. There will be a bridge across the railway line, two underpasses for pedestrians and cyclists, and four roundabouts (Amper valley, Georg-Schweiger-Straße, Westerbergstraße). The bypass will be 2,756 meters long and 7.5 meters wide (10.5 meters with the verges). The estimated costs will be eight million marks.

In October 2001, the town council decided to start the official planning procedure. The conditions have changed again: there will be a roundabout a B 11 / Münchener Straße; only two further roundabouts at Westerbergstraße and the state road; a crossing at Georg-Schweiger-Straße; and a noise barrier at a cost of 2.3 million marks.

In October 2002, the project is again presented to the public. Now the length of the road is said to be 2,850 metres, and it will cost eight million euros.

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